Less Than Absent Open Casting Call

Less Than AbsentOpen Casting CallDirector- Mitchel Viernes Writer- Josiah SimpsonDate- July 9th between 9am and 2pmLocation- Hawaii Filmmaker’s Collective, 3167 Waialae Ave. in KaimukiCasting for principal roles and background

Synopsis: Brian, a young painter, struggles with addiction as he works on another masterpiece to add to his collection. In stark contrast to his descent into madness, we see the other people who surround him in life and the impact they have on him, particularly the relationship he develops with a young woman named Brooke.

Principal Roles:

Brian – (male, early 20s – early 30s) A broken painter and poet who distracts himself through his art. He pours every bit of his emotions into his work. He has an addictive personality that, if gone unchecked, can turn into a self-destructive spiral downwards into the darkest parts of himself. He is capable of absolute love or despair, there is no middle ground. Everything he does is quietly bold, and he’s his own worst critic.

Brooke – (female, early 20s – early 30s) A patron of the arts. You will find Brooke attending everything from operas and plays to art auctions and poetry readings. She is very careful and selective with her words when she speaks, and at times even a bit mysterious. She is very self-motivated and has a largely positive outlook on life, but is also extremely empathetic when it comes to feeling what people close to her may be going through.

Dad – (male, mid 30s – mid 40’s) A loving father, Dad is faced with inevitable defeat but takes it like a true champion. He is determined to stay strong for his family, and is much more concerned for their well being than his own. He believes in compassion and truth above all.

For any questions please email the director at: iNtertainment.studios@gmail.com



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