ADR’s James “Jimmy” Koons Is Living The Dream

Wendie Burbridge has recently featured ADR’s Jimmy Koons in Star Advertiser. An actor, musician, artist, and animal lover, Koons has worked on “Hawaii Five-0” since its first season.

jimmy koons hawaii 5-o

His “Hawaii Five-0” performances were quite different, they were great examples of his acting ability. As Mr. Layton, Koons played a concerned father, frightened by a ransom call, who heartbreakingly asks McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) to help find his daughter. As Michael Foxton, Koons played a wealthy businessman, who suffers from heart disease and serial cheating, and accidently shoots the woman sent by his wife to kill him. He has to explain to McGarrett and Danno (Scott Caan) that he may be terrible to his wife, but he is not a murderer.

Koons is making it happen for himself.  I suppose for him, living the dream is more than just a cool motto– it’s now a complete reality.

Read more of Wendie Burbridge’s article here.


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